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history of tea

The history of tea is dark like a cup of good black tea.  As with anything that has the cultural history of tea, there are many stories and myths as to how it came to be.  It is a fun read, a journey into both the science and the mythic.  So come along and take a journey with me as we look into the past.

In the Chinese tradition Shennong, the Chinese emperor, also credited with the invention of agriculture and Chinese medicine, had decreed that everyone had to boil water before drinking it.  One day around 2737 b.c., as he was boiling his water, some leaves blew into his pot and the color of the water changed.  Shennong tasted the mistake and discovered he enjoyed the flavor and effects the leaves had added. 

Another story involves a Buddhist monk and cutting eyelids off that then grew into the tea plant. . . but I won't make you suffer through that story. . . its not the most pleasant reading while enjoying a cup of tea!

Tea has been used in China for thousands of years. At first it was used as a medicine and then as a drink for the royal class.  By the time of the Tang Dynasty, 618- 907 a.d., tea drinking and cultivation were wide spread in China.

From China tea spread to Japan, Korea, and most of South East Asia by 1000a.d.  Europe was introduced to Tea in the early 1600s and use was minimal until Catherine of Braganza popularized the drinking of tea in Britain in the 1660s. 

Then in the early 1800s the British, trying to create another supplier other then China, introduced growing tea in India.

Today tea is enjoyed around the world.  Tea is claimed to be the most popular drink in the world after water!  And in 2014 the coolest place to buy loose leaf tea and have a cup was opened in Phoenix, AZ.  The name of the shop... PuraTea Water!